Market Highlights

Money market as of 24 Mar 2014, 17:29:

Tenor Kibor
Bid Offer
1-WK 9.3 9.5
1-Month 9.95 10.05
3-Month 10 10.15
6-Month 10 10.2
Next Auction Date 24 Mar 2014
Last Auction Cut-Off 9.95%


Forex updates as of 26 Mar 2014, 14:12:

Tenor Bid Offer
Ready 97.98 98.02
O/N 0.01 0.0175
1-WK 0.07 0.1
1-Month 0.41 0.43
3-Month 1.37 1.43
6-Month 2.78 2.88


Equity updates as of 24 Mar 2014, 17:24:

Market Close 26391
Market High 26765
Market Low 26387
Volume 85748120

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Icon Securities (Private) Ltd was established in July 2009 with the intent of becoming a top tier professionally managed financial brokerage house and corporate finance and advisory firm on Pakistan's Capital Market.

Icon was conceived and created by a group of high caliber professionals who refuse to accept the "status quo" and have a vision and commitment to be the market leaders. The firm believes that the key to success and reputation will be driven by its philosophy of establishing long term relationships with clients and a focus on our core businesses. Through a strong belief in nurturing local talent, strong focus on quality of service, superior research and a customer-driven corporate culture, Icon securities stands committed to add value to the financial markets of Pakistan.

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